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Software Screenshots

Simple and practical interface design, users can quickly master the usage.


Main window


- Compose: A user friendly SMS editor to edit your SMS message. It supports GSM 7-bit, 8-bit and UCS2 16-bit character encoding. It will determine the appropriate encoding for you while you are typing. It has capabilities to send Simple SMS messages,"Flash SMS" means it will appear directly on Recipients’ mobile screen instead of Going to their Inbox.

- Phone book: Built-in contact list manages recipients’ name and phone numbers. Existing data can be imported into the contact list easily. There are five user defined fields to store extra information.

- Inbox: Store all incoming SMS from anyone who sent to your number.

- Outbox: Allow you to have a final check on the outgoing SMS before you press the Start button.

- Sent: Stores all sent SMS for your reference.

- Schedule: Stores all scheduled messages. it allow you send message with daily,monthly,yearly or birthday of customer.


Phone/Modem detector

automatic modem/phone detect


  • - Read enabled: Most of Nokia phones only support send sms, so if you want read message from phone, please select other brand phone or modem.
  • - Batch Mode: it is used for send long sms, if your modem/phone support batch mode, it is means you can get higher send speed when you sending long SMS.
  • - Queue: Saving cost per SMS you sent by installed multiple devices with different GSM Telco providers. (you need checked 'SMS Queue' feature on option windows)
  • Do your local telco give FREE UNLIMITED SMS for sending to the same telco? Many countries have it. The SMS send to same telco is FREE. With our app, you can even configure for it to auto-detect the right telco prefix and so whenever you send, it will be sending through the SIM card from that telco. In a nutshell, mobile numbers from telco 1 will only sent out from SIM card of that telco 1, and etc, and hence always FREE SMS sending for you.
    Example: You put A telco sim card to a modem and plug in to COM1 port, and all your recipients is using A telco service, If the message sending out thru COM2 port with differ telco, the rate will be different.


Phone book managment

contacts management


Manage your contact list for different marketing campaigns into project files, with grouping support. Import existing data from external txt or csv file with the “Import Wizard”.

If you checked 'Subscribe/unsbuscribe', application will automatic add phone number to contact list when incoming messasge include prefined keywords.


Compose SMS

compose message


- Variables: Allow you insert up to 5 variables on outgoing SMS. for example: name,birthday,email,address and so on.

- SMS Template: Allow you insert predefined template on outgoing SMS.

- To numbers: Allow you select recipients from phone book or external file which include phone numbers.

- Flash SMS: It appear directly on Recipients’ mobile screen instead of Going to their Inbox.

- Compose from file : Allow you send messages which from external text,csv or excel file. The file need include 2 fields "phone number","Message" at least.


Compose Schedule SMS

compose schedule SMS


Send SMS with daily,monthly,yearly or birthday.


Send SMS from excel

App support compose SMS from external excel,csv or txt file.

Send SMS from excel using GSM modem

send SMS from excel



Report Query

SMS message report query



You can query report base on all sent/received sms. All reports can be exported to PDF,WORD,EXCEL file.

- Keywords of interests: Find popular keywords which includes in incoming SMS. Help you find what is the customers' focus.

- Received/Sent detail: List all incoming/outgoing SMS with specified time range.

- Received/Sent summary detail: List all incoming/outgoing SMS group by phone number and calculate total amount.

- Sent & Received analysis: Show amount of sent and received SMS on specified time range group by month,day,week,weekday and hour.. More replies from customer means more customers are interest in your SMS campaign. You also can find what is the best time for SMS campaign.

- Status report: Show status for every sent messages,find invalid phone number and remove them from phone book.


Options - Work Time

send SMS with specified work time

Specified work time range for app, app will auto stop send message when time out of work time and it will auto start send message when work time reached.

Options - SMS to Email Notification

SMS to email notification


Transfer incoming SMS to specified recipients by email.


Options - Outbox Queues

SMS queue
  • - Saving cost per SMS you sent by installed multiple modems with different GSM Telco providers and sending simultaneously by matched predefined prefix phone number. 
  • - I f you don't want route sms to queue base phone number prefix,you need go to 'phone detector' to select COM port and corresponding telco.


Email to SMS

SMS to email
  • - Monitor your email and transfer mail to your mobile phone with SMS. 
  • - Support popular email provider. only support IMAP protocol, POP3 protocol is not be supported.
  • Below are some popular IMAP server settings:
Yahoo Gmail Outlook(Hotmail) AOL      

SMS to Order - SMS ordering system

Order SMS Notification is very useful, when you want to get notified via SMS after placing an order. Buyer and seller both can get SMS notification (order no, order status, order items and order amount) after an order is placed. SMS notification options can be customized in the options window very easily.

1.Customize label format.

customize label

2.Predefine responder base keywords.
3.when keywords be triggered, app will auto print label.

More help please refer to our online help.


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