SMS Deliverer


Version released

Mar 30,2021 - Standard&Enterprise edition v2.79,Ultimate edition v1.38

  • - Support send multiple steps USSD.
  • - Support PING/Silent SMS.
  • - Support SSL for HTTP callback.
  • - Some enhanced features and bug fixed.

Aug 10,2020 - Standard&Enterprise edition v2.78,Ultimate edition v1.37

  • - Automatic global phone number prefix convert.
  • -Customize options for query SIM card number.
  • - Some enhanced features and bugs fix.

April 30,2020 - Ultimate edition v1.36

  • - Support SMPP Server, Receive messages from any SMPP client and send out by connected modem or cell phone.
  • -Pick up numbers from SMS.
  • - Some enhanced features and bugs fix.

Feb 25,2020 - Standard&Enterprise edition v2.77

  • - Some enhanced features and bugs fix.

July 12,2019 - Standard&Enterprise edition v2.76, Ultimate edition v1.35released

  • - Support broadcast voice message to multiple receivers together.
  • - Some enhanced features and bugs fix.

Jan 22,2019 - Ultimate edition v1.34 released

  • - Support connect Android phone to send both SMS and MMS.
  • - Some enhanced features and bugs fix.

Jan 3,2019 - Standard&Enterprise edition v2.75 released

  • - Support send message via android phone.
  • - Some enhanced features and bugs fix.

Aug 29,2018 - Standard&Enterprise edition v2.74 released

  • - Support IMAP to receive Email.
  • - Some enhanced features and bugs fix.

Aug 29,2018 - Ultimate edition v1.33 released.

  • - Support SIMCOM model to send MMS.
  • - Support SMPP to send SMS.
  • - Some enhanced features and bugs fix.

June 4,2018 - Standard&Enterprise edition v2.73 released.

  • - Support query phone number of sim card.
  • - Attach phone number for every incoming message.
  • - Some enhanced features and bugs fix.

Mar 18,2018 - Standard&Enterprise edition v2.72 released.

  • - Support SIM Bank/SIM Pool
  • - Some enhanced features and bugs fix.

June 1,2017 - Standard&Enterprise edition v2.7 released.

June 12,2017 - Ultimate edition v1.3 released.

- Support Spintax (spinning syntax).
- Support HTTP post/get callback for incoming/outgoing message.
- Support conversations tracking report.
- Support dynamic auto responder base on external file.
- Enhance phone book.

- Online active software.

October 9,2016 - Ultimate edition v1.2 released.

- Support Emoji.

- Support USSD.

- Some enhanced features and bug fix.

August 22,2016 - v 2.67 released.

- Support Emoji.

- Support USSD.

- Some enhanced features and bug fix.

April 12,2016 - v 2.66 released.

- Enhanced 'Sent&Received analysis report'.
Allow user to build report group by month,week,weekday and hour, It will help user to find the best time for SMS campaign.

- Add more options for retry times.

-Fixed sometime app become to unregister.

April 5,2016 - Ultimate edition v 1.0 released.

We are glad to announce Ultimate edition is released today. It can be used to send both SMS and MMS.

- Support send voice,image,video and txt file.

- Automatic convert txt message to QR code.

- Send SMS&MMS via external database.

Oct 30,2015 - Version 2.65 released.

- Enhanced email to sms feature.

- Enable limit send amount for every sim card.

- Enhanced black list feature.

- Allow add country code as prefix code for outgoing message.

- Fixed bug 'sometime suddenly app need new license key '

Jun 24,2015 - Version 2.64 released.

- Generate labels automatically from keywords or any inbound SMS, print label with label printer.

- Automatic create schedule SMS when keywords be triggered.

- Create new contact via click incoming message of inbox.

- Add option 'Start with windows'.

- Fixed bug 'show error message when export contacts via group name'.

- Fixed bug 'can not show incoming messag if email address settings are incorrect.'

Mar 17,2015 - Version 2.63 released.

- Filter contacts by group name.

- Support more variable in message.

- Support forward message to recipient via email.

Jan 29,2015 - Version 2.62 released.

- Automatic add sender's number to blacklist based keywords.

- Include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes.

Nov 29,2014 - Version 2.61 released.

- Optimized speeding for import contacts and support import excel file.

- Add option 'Automatic send&receive when app start'.

- Support copy exists contacts,groups,responder,template and balcklist when create new campaign file.

Aug 21,2014 - Version 2.6 released.

- Optimized sending speed for multiple port GSM modem.

(Full support 8,16 or 32 port GSM modem)

- More flexible options for send bulk SMS.

- Some minor improvement and bug fix.

May 30,2014 - Version 2.5 released.

- Status report for every sent messages.

- Set manually the validity period for SMS sent.

- More flexible options for responder.

- Some minor improvement and bug fix.

April 18,2014 - Version 2.4 released.

- German UI supported.

- Easy to manage group.

- More options with Email to SMS and Work Time.

January 31,2014 - Version 2.3 released.

- Email to SMS.

- Send SMS from external text, csv or excel file.(the file need include 2 fields "phone number" and "message")

- More options with backlist,work time,SMS to email.

- Some minor bug fix.

October 15,2013 - Version 2.21 released.

- Select destination phone numbers from external file.

- Send SMS on birthday or specified time with yearly.

- User can predefine the delay time before sending next message.

- Support windows 8. Some minor bug fix.

August 23,2013 - Version 2.2 released.

- Support french.

- Support SMS subscribe/unsubscribe.

- More configurable options with work time.

- More configurable options with import contact.

- Auto open last project.

- Some improvement and bug fix.

June 13,2013 - Version:2.12 released.

- Support command line.

- Support SMS queue.

- Support SMS forward.

March 13,2013 - Version 2.1 released.

- Support SMS template.

- Support multiple SMS campaign.

- Support read all unread SMS which in SIM card.

- More configurable options with black list.

- More configurable options with import contact.

February 23,2013 - Version 2.0.4 released.

- Optimize some UI options.

- Optimize phone book import feature.

- Some minor improvement and bug fix.

June 18,2012 -Version 2.0.3 released.

- Remove duplicate phone number.

- Failover feature.

- SQL Server supported.

- Some minor improvement and bug fix.

May 15,2012 - Version 2.0.2 released.

- Some minor improvement and bug fix.

March 1,2012 - Version 2.0.1 released.

- Trial version send SMS enabled (Signature to outgoing SMS)

- Add command line function.

February 29,2012 - Version 2.0 released.

- Add autoreply function.

- Add schedule SMS function.

- Fixed some bugs.

December 5,2011 - Version 1.0 released.

we are glad to announce SMS Deliverer is released today. We hope you would give it a try and provide some feedback to us. We will put more effort in this product in the coming days.



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