# SMS to Email

SMS Deliverer allows you to receive SMS messages and automatically forward them to an Email address in real time.

Configuring SMS Deliverer for SMS to Email Forwarding

To use the SMS to email feature, you need to have an email account that supports email transfer via SMTP. Configure  application to forward incoming SMS messages as emails using that account. The address of that account will appear as the "From: " address of such emails. It can be a free email account (such as Yahoo,GMail), a business account, etc.

Specifying Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) Parameters

Click button 'email settings' on Option->Receive tab page. Specify the SMTP server address and port. If your SMTP server requires authentication, check the Server requires authentication checkbox, and specify the account name (user name) and password.

To use your GMail account, set Server to smtp.gmail.com and Port to 465; also check the Server requires a secure connection (SSL) checkbox. Use your full gmail address for Account name. You also have to turn on access for less secure apps here (you must be logged in to GMail to do it).

For Gmail account, It's recommend that you create app password for you gmail account , please refer to https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/185833  .

SMS to Email when specified keywords be triggered

You also can configure SMSDeliverer to forwards sms to email when specified keywords be triggered, please refer to below screen shot,