# Compose new SMS and USSD

# New SMS

compose SMS

Flash SMS: Flash SMS is an SMS which is displayed on the phone screen immediately upon arrival unless you choose to save the flash message, it will disappear upon navigating away and will not be saved in your inbox.

Force UCS2 encoding: USC2 means UNICODE,Normally a standard SMS contains at most 160 characters, but if you input other language such as Chinese,Japanese , app have to switch to Unicode encoding to sending message, the limit is 70 characters when sending Unicode messages.

Silent SMS: PING SMS also called Silent SMS ,it allowing the user to send a message to another mobile phone without the knowledge of the recipient. The message is rejected by the recipient mobile and leaves no trace.

Variables: App allow you input some variable, when the SMS be sending it will replace with correct value.

# New USSD

It's same as compose a normal SMS, just change number to <USSD>, and SMS body input USSD command.

The software also support send multiple steps USSD, just need to separate sub command with comma, like: *123#,1,2,3

compose USSD
compose USSD

Note: Normally the software will switch to other port to resend the USSD or AT command when current port fail to send, if user don't want to do it, please change option 'other retry times' to 0.

# Batch send AT command,SMS or USSD from Excel