Note: Voice broadcast feature only support specified model.

# 1.Upload wav file to modem.

  • Go to options->Voice page click button 'Voice settings'

  • Select wav file from disk or recording a new wav file by click button 'Start recording', click button 'add to upload list'  to add the wav file to upload list. Software allow upload multiple wav file to modem, once all files ready, click button 'upload to modem' to start upload.

    upload voice file

  • Once all files be upload to modem, software will create a message template named 'AUDIO_TEMPLATE', User will easy to choice the wav file when start voice broadcast.

# 2.Enable voice feature.

  • Checked option 'Auto answer incoming call and play audio' then software will accept incoming call and play specified audio file.

  • Checked option 'Enable ougoing voice call' to allow user to make voice broadcast.

# 3.Voice broadcast

  • It's same a compose a normal SMS. just need select correct audo file from AUDIO_TEMPLATE or type the audio file name with fixed format. example: <1.wav>

    voice broadcast by modem

  • Click button 'send to outbox' then software will dial up the number , once user accept the incoming call software will play the audio file right now.

# 4.Talk to customer

  • If incoming call be accepted,  customer press specified key (default is '#'), software will stop play audio and show the notification to allow the software owner to talk to customer.

  • Note: Modem should connect headset.