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Start your MMS Campaign

Only Need 3 Steps To Start Your MMS Campaign

Step 1. Place any SIM card into GSM dongle/modem (How to select GSM modem ?)

Step 2. Open SMSDeliverer and add MMS device.

Device: refers to a standard GPRS connection to be initiated over a GPRS modem. Select the modem that should be used for this connection. (Note that only modems that have a Windows modem driver defined for the modem can be used. If your modem does not have a modem driver supplied by the manufacturer, you can use one of the “Standard” or “Generic” modem drivers available when defining a modem in the Windows Control Panel. please refer to here)

Sender address: Specifies the default sender address to applied to any MMS messages that are transmitted over this connection. Normally it is SIM card phone number.

MMSC: Multimedia Messaging Center,This setting is operator dependent.

Wap Gateway: This field should contain the IP address of the operator WAP gateway which will act as a proxy for connections to the MMSC.

APN/Password: Specifies the GPRS Access Point Name (APN) to be accessed for connecting to the MMSC. This setting is operator dependent.

Step 3. Compose SMS & Start your SMS Campaign