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Subscribe: If app receive specified keywords, it will automatic add phone number to phone book and assign it to specified group. 

Unsubscribe: If app receive specified keywords, it will automatic remove the phone number from phone book.

Map fields

Map field is used to store additional information of contact,App will automatic separate the incoming message to multiple fields and store them with correct position of contact.

Example:You predefined the map fields with up screen shot,

User compose message 'John Steaf,5/24/1982, Hi John,', app will separate with comma,  so below is the real value,

Filed #1 : John

Field #2 : 5/24/1982

Field #3: Hi John

Field #4:

When app get this SMS it will create a new contact and add it to phone book, the name is 'John',birthday is '5/24/1982', salutation is 'Hi John',memo1 will be used store email address ''

External responder

External responder be used to make reply base on external csv file, User may edit this file at any time to get dynamic response for keywords.