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Query SIM card phone number

Query all modem's SIM card phone number

Phone number is important for some application which be used to receive verification code. User need use phone number to register account, such as facebook,twitter etc.

Want make an application like and  Yes, SMS Deliverer is able to help you.

    1. Buy 8/16/32/64 ports modem and corresponding quantity SIM cards.

    2. One or more computers which running SMS Deliverer (enterprise/ultimate edition).

SMS Deliverer ultimate edition support store all modem sim card phone number to external database, any 3rd application is able to read specified table to get available phone number list.  Any incoming message will attach phone number and stored to specified table, 3rd application just need read the table then it can get all incoming messages instantly.

There 3 ways to get SIM card phone number:

  1. Send request to SMSDeliverer robot:

    Any SMSDeliverer is able to running as a robot, it will automatic reply the sender’s phone number to sender. Attention: you need add credit to each sim card and make them are able to send request SMS correctly. If software running as robot, user need add enough credit for each sim card to make sure they are able to send reply message correctly.
  2. Send request to operator’s phone number:

    Some operators provide SMS command to allow user send specified text to operator’s phone number, then operator will automatic reply the sender’s phone number.  Normally send sms to operator is free, user doesn't need add credit for sim card.

    Filter keywords (optional) :  when incoming message include this keywords, software will automatic to pick up the phone number from this message. It’s be used to prevent get incorrect number from message.
  3. Send USSD to operator:
    Some operators support user send USSD to get sim card phone number. Normally send USSD is free, user doesn’t need add credit for sim card.

    Input USSD command then click button ‘Query all’ to query all sim card phone number, or click button ‘Query’ to get one of sim card phone number.
    Filter keywords (optional) :  when response text of USSD command include this keywords, software will automatic to pick up the phone number from text. It’s be used to prevent get incorrect number from text.
    1. Automatic: Pick up all available numbers from message and use the number with maximum length as final number.

      Message example: Home Tel:113456 Office Tel:2256548 Cell phone:3366899221  (message length are 56 characters)

      Software will pick up 3 numbers (113456,2256548,3366899221) from this message , Final result: 3366899221   (because this number's length is maximum)
    2. Pick up number from sub string. this option is used to pick up number from a part of message to avoid pick up incorrect number.

      Want get home Tel:     Start keywords: home tel:           sub-string length: 6          substring:113456                final value: 113456
                             Start keywords: home                sub-string length: 11         substring: Tel:113456           final value: 113456
                             Start keywords: (empty)             sub-string length: 15         substring:Home Tel:113456       final value: 113456

      Want office Tel:       Start keywords: office tel:         sub-string length: 7          substring:2256548               final value: 2256548
                             Start keywords: office              sub-string length: 12         substring: Tel:2256548          final value: 2256548 
                             Start keywords: office t            sub-string length: 9          substring:el:2256548            final value: 2256548

      Want cell phone:       Start keywords: cell                sub-string length: 17         substring: phone:3366899221     final value: 3366899221
                             Start keywords: phone:              sub-string length: 10         substring:3366899221            final value: 3366899221 
                             Start keywords: (empty)             sub-string length: 56(or>56)  substring:el:2256548            final value: 3366899221