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Phone and Modem detecter

1.Add USB modem

Signal: normally the value should between 0 and 31 (weak->strong).  

If you enabled 'Queue' at outbox, you will see additional column 'Queue' on phone detector window,it is be used to assign modem's COM port for Queue.

Update All: Detect all COM ports

Update Select: Detect all selected COM ports

Read Enabled:It means modem support read SMS which stored in SIM card or phone. Some NOKIA phone just support sending message, they does not support receive SMS.

Batch Mode:Indicate whether modem/phone support batch mode. Batch mode will improve the sending speed for long SMS (Concatenated SMS). 


2.Add android phone

Device name and URL come from android software.



What is long SMS(Concatenated SMS)?

A standard SMS contains at most 160 characters (note: the limit is 70 characters when sending Unicode messages). Even though text messages are limited in length, most mobile handsets can display messages longer than the text limit. To the sender and receiver, it is a seamless user experience and feels like you are sending and receiving entire messages at once regardless of the length. In order to ensure that long messages are delivered in its entirety, the SMS service provider needs to support the automatic splitting and concatenation of long SMS messages.
Our application supports long SMS concatenation and automatically splits long SMS text messages into multiple SMS and adds a concatenation header to each message so that it can be stitched together (i.e., concatenated) at receiver’s mobile device.

What is SMS Queue at outbox?

 Do your local telecoms give FREE UNLIMITED SMS for sending to the same telecom? Many countries have it. The SMS send to same telecom is FREE. With our app, you can even configure for it to auto-detect the right telecom prefix and so whenever you send, it will be sending through the SIM card from that telecom. In a nutshell, mobile numbers from telecom 1 will only sent out from SIM card of that telecom 1, and etc, and hence always FREE SMS sending for you.
Saving cost per SMS you sent by installed multiple devices with different GSM Telecoms providers and sending simultaneously by matched predefined prefix phone number. (Enterprise License Only).