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HTTP callbacks

SMS Deliverer can use HTTP callback to send information of incoming and outgoing message to a web server.

HTTP query parameters:

id: Unique string identification

from: From number, for outgoing message it's empty string. (Note: if numbers include prefix '+' then need url decode.)

to: Destination number, for incoming message it's empty string.(Note: if numbers include prefix '+' then need url decode.)

message: Incoming or outgoing message.(Note: if message include other language or special character then need url decode.)

res_sn: Incoming message serial number.

imsi: SIM card serial number.

imei: Modem's  IMEI.

comport: COM port number which send or receive message.

softwareid: Software ID (Only available for ultimate edition)

custmemo: Customize filed which used to transfer message from external application HTTP.  (only available for ultimate edition)




HTTP Response ( message id) : ce563271-ac66-4d48-acea-edb3af7beea9

Software will pick up message id from reponse text and verify with origin message id, if not match software will try send again.


HTTP callback web application example: