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Connect Android phone

Please read android SMS limit  before use android phone as modem to send message.

Connect Android phone to send/receive message

1. Download and install android GSM modem emulator application from our website (here ) .

Attention : Android phone should trun on WIFI then SMS Deliverer is able to connect android phone by local intranet IP address.



2. Configure android software

3.(Optional) set user name and password for android phone

Set user name and password or eanble HTTPS connection to avoid unauthroised client visit the android phone.


4. Start SMSDeliverer software and run 'Phone detector' to add android phone.

Input URL which copy from android phone URL filed, click button 'Test connection', if everything are good, software will show android phone name. As default the user name and password are empty, if want enable them, please switch to android phone to define them.  



4. Click button 'Start' to start send&receive sms by android phone.