# Responder

Automatically reply predefined message once incoming message include the keywords are triggered. Also support dynamic auto-reply, software is able to load keywords and reply messages from a shared CSV file on hard disk and refresh the data with fix time interval.  Any third-party application just need write this CSV file then software is able to auto reply with dynamic data.

Subscribe: If app received specified keywords, it will automatically add phone number to phone book and assign it to specified group.

Unsubscribe: If app receive specified keywords, it will automatic remove the phone number from phone book.

# Map fields

Map field is used to store additional information of contact,App will automatic separate the incoming message to multiple fields and store them with correct position of contact.

Example: You predefined the map fields with up screen shot,

User compose message 'John,5/24/1982, Hi John,John@gmail.com', app will separate with comma,  so below is the real value:

Filed #1 : John

Field #2 : 5/24/1982

Field #3: Hi John

Field #4: John@gmail.com

When app get this SMS it will create a new contact and add it to phone book, the name is 'John',birthday is '5/24/1982', salutation is 'Hi John',memo1 will be used store email address 'John@gmail.com'

# External responder

External responder be used to make reply base on external csv file, User may edit this file at any time to get dynamic response for keywords.