# General

Local country code: it be used differentiate the incoming SMS is international or native. Normally send international SMS is expensive than native SMS. so it is useful on responder feature. user can restrict application just reply native number.

Flash SMS:Flash SMS is an SMS which is displayed on the phone screen immediately upon arrival.Unless you choose to save the flash message, it will disappear upon navigating away and will not be saved in your inbox.

Force UCS2 encoding: USC2 means UNICODE,Normally a standard SMS contains at most 160 characters, but if you input other language such as Chinese,Japanese , app have to switch to Unicode encoding to sending message, the limit is 70 characters when sending Unicode messages.

# Work Time

Application will auto stop or start working in specified time range. It makes sure that customers don't receive a text in the middle of the night.

# Send options

SMSC (Message center address): An SMSC Short Message Service Centre number is responsible for delivering the SMS text messages of a mobile network through your mobile. When an SMS message is sent from a mobile phone, it will reach an SMS Service Centre first. The SMS centre then forwards the SMS message towards the destination mobile network.Please do not change it unless you full understand what is means.

Status Report: it be used to know does message is delivered to user's GSM phone. You may see additional field 'Status' when you query outgoing SMS report.
Note: enable the option will reduce the sending speed because modem will spent additional time to process status message.

Discontinuous sending: Some telco restrict send bulk message in short time, so if you have to reduce sending speed via this option.

Batch Mode: It will improve sending speed for long SMS, Not all modems support this feature, please run 'Phone detector' to get the result.

# Receive Options

# Responder options

Ignore International SMS: App will compare  local country code setting and prefix number of incoming message.

# Incoming Call


Enable queues at outbox: Saving cost per SMS you sent by installed multiple modems with different GSM Telco providers and sending simultaneously by matched predefined prefix phone number.

# Print label

Generate order number automatically from keywords or any inbound SMS. Print order information via label printer.
Generate labels automatically from keywords or any inbound SMS. Very handy for take away restaurants and delivery options. Setup your label as the default printer and let SMS Deliverer take care of the rest for you. Then follow it up with a an automated SMS back to the sender at a time period specified by you as a reminder. As an added bonus, setup so that all inbound orders are forwarded to a designated email account for your electronic records and utilize the power of keywords to automate all your SMS marketing.