# Why limit the sending of SMS for SIM card

Most of carriers have anti spam rules, if they found a SIM's sending speed is too higher or the sending volume is too more, they will block the SIM.

# How to avoid the SIM blocked by operator?

# 1. Reduce sending speed

Go to options->send->discontinuous sending

# 2. Set the maximum sending volume for each SIM

SMS Deliverer will stop sending when a SIM's sending volume reached predefined value.

set sending limit for each SIM

  • Set limit to : highlight the rows and set the limit for selected SIM.

  • Set default to: Set a limit for all SIM, please click button 'Clear all' first.

  • Reset Counter: Reset the counter for all highlight SIM.

  • Auto Reset: Reset the counter by predefined time.

    auto reset the limit for SIM

  • Clear All: Clear all counter.

  • Refresh: Refresh the counter.